Along with the development of the game industry, Snake games seem to be the forgotten one. As the game industry is developing faster and faster by minutes, it is becoming more and more difficult to attract gamers just by simple visual effects and game rules.

Every gamer knows that games are an escape to their stressful working or studying time. According to Business Insider, in 2017 US citizens have spent around 36 million dollars on video games; this number is anticipated to be even bigger in 2018, which indicates that this industry is booming unstoppably. As general games become more and well-developed on many aspects such as visual effects, story development, graphic, character customization… Snake games seem to be positioned out of the gamer’s focus because of their simplicity.

Nevertheless, the simple characteristic of this snake game should not be underestimated as it can be absolutely addictive to many players. Starting with an uncomplicated concept of controlling a single dotted, the difficulty escalating slowly with time when the player has to carefully direct the snake-shaped items so it can not touch the virtual wall or itself. The game was designed to entertain players from different age ranges, even a 6-year-old child can figure the game rules out right in the first time.

Blockade – the beginning of all snake games (1976)

The original ideas of this game were dated back in 1976 when Gremlin Industries first released a monochrome arcade maze game named Blockade – the first ever snake arcade game. The rule for Blockade was a little bit different from the Snake game we know and adore nowadays.

This game was initiated as a two player game, in which each player has to direct their snake in order to avoid crashing into their enemy’s snake, the virtual wall or its own body. The player that last longer is obviously the winner. The blockade game was a real challenge compared to the snake game because it required two players to play in the same field with limited space, while in the snake game; one player can keep the snake alive much more easily.

Snake Rattle ‘n’ roll – the innovation (1990)

In 1990, Nintendo – A Japanese multinational consumer electronics and Video Game Company has released a new Snake game named Snake Rattle ‘n’ roll with many new interesting concepts. This game was a perfect child of Blockade, The single player snake and in my opinion; it kind of reminded me of another well-known star of the game industry – The Mario.

The rules were made a little bit more complicated. It could be played by either one or two players at the same time. In this game, the players had to control their snakes to eat “Nibbley Pibbleys” – a round shaped item that would help the snake to gain enough weight to ring the bell and open a door to the new level. For each level, the snake had to overcome different types of obstacles and the difficulty would eventually go up through each round.

The graphic was way beyond other games at the time with colorful surroundings that gave the players 3D, realistic feels. The obstacles were sophisticated enough to challenge the players through each level and the design of Rattle and Roll snakes was also a big plus to the game.

The tip to destroy the “evil” foot is to stay behind it, use your tongue to attack and do not rush. This will help you to decrease the risk of being stepped on.

It is a big sorry for iPhone or Android phone owners because this game is not available on those platforms.

Nokia – the legendary (2000/2017)

Everyone who was fortunately born during the 80s or the 90s clearly remembered the enormous expansion of Nokia phones in all over the world! The phones were known not only for its reliability but also for its function, ringtones and last but not least – the legendary classic snake game. Nokia was absolutely a genius when they added in a wonderful snake game, causing millions of users getting addicted to ramming a poor snake into a virtual wall.

In hindsight, I can still remember having hundreds of competition with my friends to find out who could win the game first by having the longest snake ever on our fathers’ Nokia 3110, which constantly turned our fathers into extremely angry men for not being able to get their phones back. Unfortunately, we all had to leave that dream of having the longest snake behind our childhood. It is depressing to get this snake game unblocked entirely, but practice always makes perfect.

The game’s graphic was rather primitive with black and green colors and quite similar to the design that used in the Blockade game in 1976. In 2017, Nokia re-launched the Nokia 3310 series that also came with the snake II game, this version of the snake was much more advanced with a new look on the snake, making it look more realistic.

Tip: when your body gets really long, instead of focusing on eating the item quickly, find a way to move step by step and do not leave out any space.

For the people who have the need to remember the good old days, here is the link to download the original Snake game on Nokia 3310:

For Android devices:

For IOS devices:

Modern-day Snake games: The new generation of snakes

After the creation of multiple modern games that were designed to satisfy gamers on advanced visual effects, outstanding character/story development such as Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto, Dark Souls… Snake games also had been innovated to meet the requirements of the market. Snake games now are coming with much more appealing design and challenges.

One of the examples is the Google snake game that has become a frequently played snake game online all over the world thanks to its eye-catching design. There are plenty other online free snake games for players to decipher, such as snake game cool math, snake and ladder game, JavaScript snake game. However, now we are going get a ride to the much more innovated world of snakes. (2015)

One of the first multiplayer games that leveraged the same concept of Snake the game. The rule is rather simple as we were all familiar with before with snake games. The players play as a single cell and have to fight their way to get bigger by eating other colorful dots on the field or other smaller cells.

The game has many modes, including FFA (Free-For-All), Battle Royale, Teams, Experimental, and Party. The mobile version of the game includes FFA (Free-For-All) and Rush Mode.

The object of this game is to get as big as you can by avoid getting eaten by bigger bullies and of course, a bully who is smaller than you. There are multiple tips and tricks to survive the carnages. One of them is to split your cell into many smaller cells in case if you are close to a bigger cell and about to be eaten in a blink of an eye or you can also use this trick to attack other smaller enemies.

The players have to be very careful running into smaller cells since they can be a trap placed by bigger cells. For that reason, it is no use chasing smaller cells because it can be very risky. When you’re in the presence of a larger player who might be thinking you’d make a tasty snack, get near, or on the opposite side of the virus to make yourself a less appealing target, since viruses will cause cells to burst (or pop) if cells larger than them try to consume them.

The player can customize their cells with predefined words, phrases, symbols or skins.

Fun fact: the name Agar actually came from the substance agar, used to culture bacteria.

Another snake io game, needless to say, is one of the most successful online snake games ever. The game was developed by Steve Howse for Android, iOS and web browser platforms. Being inspired by other predecessors, this game never disappointed when it was listed in 1000 most visited sites by Alexa and most downloaded app on iOS in the same year. This is the true perfect game of snake we are all looking for.

Each player will have his/her own avatar as a random-colored snake, he/she has to compete with plenty of other players. is a massively multiplayer video game and this is a tricky part for all the players. The idea is when a snake unintentionally or intentionally collides with another snake, the player will be defeated and turned into food (pellets) for others to consume. All players have to think of a strategy to make other snakes bump into them in order to eliminate enemies and become as big as possible.

In this game, the bigger you get, the more advantages you have over others. If you are a bigger snake, you can use the strategy to trap your enemies into a loop that they cannot get out and bump into you. The avatar snakes move automatically, but if you want to boost the speed, you can press and hold the left right up down buttons on the keyboard or swipe and hold the finger on smart devices.

One strategy is to use the right button to roll over like a snake when you are trapped in a loop made by other snakes, this method will save your life for a little longer. The interesting point about this game is that you can take down any enemies despite their sizes, it does not have to be about the size, it is about using the right trick.

Snake pass: (2017) – The 3D Snake game

The reptile obtained a new exciting look in 2017. The movement of the snake in this game is very close to a real snake, one attribute that other snake video games seemed to miss in the past. The object is for the snake to coil around to eat items and solve puzzles. The more the snake can eat, the longer the body becomes.

This game is clearly a more creative version in comparison to its predecessors. The graphic is incredibly advanced since it was released in 2017 by Sumo Digital. It was given 7.4 user points and 72 Metascore on

This game is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Download link for PC:

AR Snake Game: An alternative time killer for people who are addicted to reality game

Such a big achievement has arrived in 2018 thanks to HMD Global; the Snake Game finally has found a place to the social network citizens’ heart. Nokia’s Snake Game was thought to leave the market since Nokia announced they were married to Microsoft but the game has made a gigantic come back this year with the assistance of HMD Global.

Facebook users are now able to play the Nokia snake game version on the AR Camera of the Facebook Messenger App. It does not matter where you are, if you have a smartphone with a Facebook Messenger App, the playfield will be whatever is shown on your camera lens. You can play this melancholic game everywhere you go. This game concept is quite similar to what we had on Pokémon Go in 2017, but with Snakes, it can be even better when you are able to broadcast your gameplay live to Facebook’s newsfeed.

Not only this addictive game was introduced, but users or players can also take a selfie with a Snake face with the new Snake Mask selfie filter. What can be more fang-tastic than sharing a picture of you looking like a digital snake with friends?

Fun fact: The game has gained 121 million players around the world at this point.

In this new era, millions of fascinating games are released each year with the incredible new look, rules, and characters that can steal gamer’s heart in a heartbeat. That being said, Snake games have never failed to find a way to come back and be even more unbelievably marvelous that can capture gamers’ attention.